Frequently Asked Questions

What is MunchDB?

MunchDB is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to see the official government (FSA) hygiene ratings of takeaways in the UK. We currently display ratings next to the each establishment on food delivery websites: Just Eat, Hungry House & Deliveroo.

How do you get the hygiene rating for a restaurant?

We rely on data provided by the UK government's Food Standards Agency. The ratings themselves are carried out by the local council's food inspection teams which are then reported to the FSA. After we receive the data, we match it up with the restaurants on the popular takeaway websites so that we can display them to you while you are browsing for your dinner.

What do the different hygiene ratings mean?

The FSA reports hygiene on a 6-point scale, from a score of zero to five:

  • 0 - Urgent Improvement Necessary
  • 1 - Major Improvement Necessary
  • 2 - Improvement Necessary
  • 3 - Generally Satisfactory
  • 4 - Good
  • 5 - Very Good

Any restaurants with a low rating have a certain amount of time to improve before they are shut down. Restaurants that do not even meet the zero rating are shut down immediately.

How are you funded?

Initially the project was a labour of love but to keep the project running we needed some way to at least cover the server costs and so that lead us to working on a commission basis with the sites in question. As part of that, we get a small percentage of any purchases made by users that have our extension installed. We do not find out what the user purchases or even which user made a purchase. The only data we receive is the amount of the purchases, so the commission can be calculated transparently.

However, we realise this may be against some people's wishes and we respect that: if you wish to stop supporting us, you can opt out by visiting the MunchDB Settings panel in Chrome Extensions dashboard.