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Around a million people fall victim to food poisoning in the UK every year1. In the real world you may be able to judge hygiene visually, we help you do so online too.

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We show FSA hygeine ratings on over 85% of the restaurants on JustEat, Hungry House & Deliveroo. This is more than any other app currently available.

Uncover the truth

We uncover the restaurants that hide online under different trading names; many do this to hide their official hygiene rating or to sell multiple types of cuisine.

We help you avoid these stories…

Khyber Pass kebab shop fined over human faeces contamination

… inspectors concluded people affected by the outbreak must have eaten food contaminated with human faeces.

'Filthy’ Chinese restaurant is fined £10,000 for repeatedly flouting hygiene rules

… [the] restaurant's kitchen was found covered in grease and food waste by hygiene inspectors.

Food hygiene is a postcode lottery and diners "might as well toss a coin"

A takeaway was forced to temporarily close after inspectors discovered it was infested with cockroaches.

London's food hygiene shame: The filthy restaurants in your area

… hundreds of places to eat in London have been given a zero star rating by for food hygiene.